Striving to create and maintain a sound public opinion, to promote good will, and to protect and advance the best interests of the industry by recommending and establishing fair rules and rates and to promote standard of ethical conduct in the transaction of all classes of insurance on Guam.


Membership is voluntary and shall be open to fire, homeowner’s and other allied lines, casualty, marine, worker’s compensation, automobile and miscellaneous insurance companies duly licensed to transact business in Guam, such companies themselves becoming the actual members of the Corporation, the name of the representatives of the company’s head office, branch office or general agency (hereinafter referred to as Registered Representative) shall be registered in the books of the Corporation.

The company or Registered Representative shall appoint in writing an alternate representative who shall act in the absence or incapacity of the Registered Representative.


Ray Schnabel, President

Nancy Tan, Vice President

Monique Baysingar, Secretary/Treasurer

Richard Nartia, Director

Steven Surban, Director